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Meet the Creative Mind Behind A. Jeschel: Elaine Silverstein


A. Jeschel is not just a brand; it's a passion project born from the dynamic life

of Elaine Silverstein.

In her former life as a high-profile advertising executive during the iconic Mad Men era, Elaine was accustomed to sleek Armani suits and 3-inch, closed-toe pumps. While undeniably stylish and self-respecting, she craved something more than the safe strands of pearls and gold necklaces that had become her daily uniform.

Drawing on her discerning eye, finely tuned through years of pouring over visuals from glamorous photoshoots, as well as her innate taste and sensibility, Elaine's colleagues began clamoring for her unique creations.

And thus, A. Jeschel was brought to life.

The name 'A. Jeschel' itself carries profound meaning. It's an acronym, representing the cherished names of those closest to Elaine: Asher, Jonah, Ethan, Sophie, Charles, Hannah, Elaine, and Luke – including her husband and grandchildren.

This name isn't just a label; it's a reflection of her core values. Family holds the utmost importance in Elaine's life, and each piece she designs carries their names as a testament to this love.

When Elaine adorns a piece with her grandchildren's names, it's a symbol of her deep connection to the artistry and craftsmanship that defines A. Jeschel. She believes that if she loves a piece enough to put her grandchildren's names on it, you'll love it too.

Join us on a journey through Elaine's creative vision and explore the world of A. Jeschel, where every piece is a unique expression of artistry, family, and enduring style."

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