Meet the Designer


Elaine Silverstein



A.JESCHEL grew out of Elaine’s day job as a high-profile advertising executive in the Mad Men era. Wearing sleek Armani suits and 3-inch, closed-toe pumps, while stylish and self-respecting, got pretty boring. Elaine wanted to go beyond the safe strands of pearls and gold necklaces. With her discerning eye, honed pouring over visuals from glamorous photoshoots, as well as her own taste and sensibility, Elaine’s colleagues were soon clamoring for her work.

And so, A. Jeschel was born.



Does A. Jeschel mean anything?


A. JESCHEL is an acronym...Asher, Jonah, Ethan, Sophie, Charles, Hannah, Elaine, and Luke – Elaine’s husband and grandchildren. The name reflects her core values. There is nothing more important or beautiful to Elaine than her family. If she loves a piece enough to put her grandchildren’s name on it, she believes and hopes you will love it too.

         "What is important is that you feel happy and confident in whatever you choose."E.S.

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