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About A.Jeschel

We thought you might be curious to know a bit about us.

What is A.Jeschel?

A.Jeschel is an exclusive collection of One-of-a-Kind jewelry designed by Elaine Silverstein. Her goal is to make every woman feel more confident and beautiful. Therefore, happier in her own skin.

The necklaces

 All are One-of-a-Kind, single, and multiple strands designed using a mix of carefully selected gemstones, freshwater cultured pearls of all sizes and shapes.


We are particularly proud of our pendants which incorporate beautiful specimen stones each selected for their unique qualities. The stone is embedded in sterling silver or vermeil (22K gold over silver) to enhance its bold statement.



For A.Jeschel, clasps are not an afterthought but are carefully considered as part of the design. All the clasps are sterling silver,  or vermeil (22K gold dipped sterling silver) in many cases combined with gemstones, pearls, or found objects.



What are gemstones?

There is an almost infinite number of natural stones in the world. Elaine works with nearly 200 different stones (and counting). From the familiar Ruby and Emerald to newly popular stones

( such as Tanzanite, Kunzite and Larimar) to stones mentioned in the Old Testament ( such as Lapis and Carnelian) as well as limited supply stones such as (Brazilian Opal, Tourmaline, and Diopside) there is also the near one-of-a-kind- no two-specimens are alike ( Imperial Jasper and Dendrite).

A lot has changed in the last thirty years. Advances in computerized laser cutting have delivered new cuts in an astonishing variety. New polishing equipment has unlocked a richness never even dreamed existed.




  Thank you for visiting!


  We invite you to browse our ever-changing collection.

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