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Freshwater Pearl necklace with a Ganesha Turquoise pendant.

Freshwater Pearl necklace with a Ganesha Turquoise pendant.


Description and Details


  • One-of-a-kind
  • Item: E 561
  • Turquoise
  • Apricot Keshi Pearl
  • Pendant: Vermeil filigree Lord Ganesh, Turquoise, OM stands for the body, AH for the speech, and HUM (or HUNG) for the mind. They represent the possibility of transformative blessings of the body, speech, and mind from all the Buddhas— past, present, and future.
  • Approx. 17"
  • Vermeil Clasp
  • Silk hand-knotted
  • Brief Information:

    Exquisite Ganesha Pendant: Crafted in the Ghau Box Style

    This magnificent pendant showcases Lord Ganesha, skillfully carved from vibrant turquoise, seated regally upon a Tibetan gilt throne. On the reverse side, you'll discover a profound mantra, which, when translated, signifies a powerful message: "OM" symbolizes the body, "AH" represents speech, and "HUM" (or "HUNG") signifies the mind. These sacred syllables embody the potential for transformative blessings to flow from the enlightened beings of the past, present, and future, urging us to cultivate kindness within our hearts, thoughts, and words.

    The pendant gracefully hangs from a necklace adorned with turquoise and lustrous gold Keshi pearls, secured with an elegant vermeil toggle clasp.

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