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Tibetan Beads Dramatic & Bold Necklace

Tibetan Beads Dramatic & Bold Necklace


Description & Details


  • One-of-a-Kind
  • Item E 352
  • Tibetan Beads, Carved Sterling Silver Cinnabar & Onyx
  • Clasp: Sterling Silver & Carved Chinese Vintage Glass
  • Silk Hand-knotted
  • Approx: 19 inches
  • Brief Information:

    Introducing the "Around the World in Seventeen Beads" necklace, a truly unique and eclectic piece that draws inspiration from different cultures around the globe.

    The necklace features a stunning combination of decorative enamel beads from Tibet, carved Cinnabar from China, Sterling Silver from the USA, Onyx from Brazil, and decorated vintage wooden beads from Africa. Each bead has its own story and cultural significance, and together they create a harmonious and eye-catching composition.

    The enamel beads from Tibet add a pop of color and intricate detail to the necklace, while the carved Cinnabar from China adds texture and depth. The Sterling Silver beads from the USA give the piece a touch of elegance, while the Onyx from Brazil adds a bold and dramatic element. The vintage wooden beads from Africa bring a sense of history and tradition to the piece, adding to its overall charm and character.

    The necklace is finished off with a stylish clasp crafted from high-quality Sterling Silver and Chinese Vintage Glass Carved, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the piece.

    Measuring approximately 19 inches in length, this necklace is the perfect length to drape elegantly around the neck, drawing attention to the stunning materials and unique design. Whether you're a lover of world cultures or simply appreciate the beauty of eclectic jewelry, the "Around the World in Seventeen Beads" necklace is sure to make a grand statement and become a treasured addition to your jewelry collection.

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