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Aventurine Handcrafted Pendant Baroque Necklace

Aventurine Handcrafted Pendant Baroque Necklace


Description and Details


  • One-of-a-Kind
  • Item: E 419
  • Aventurine 
  • Baroque Freshwater Pearls
  • Pendant: Aventurine and Sterling Silver  Bora pendant Gilded oxidized 
  • Clasp: Dragon Vermeil clasp
  • Approx: 18 inch
  • Silk hand-knotted
  • Brief Information:

    We were told that centuries ago, Tibetans decorated their statues with the stone we call aventurine, used most often in the eyes, so each shimmer of light increased the statue's visionary powers. Until the 19th Century, aventurine was called the "stone of the Amazons," as the deposits in Brazil were thought to have supplied the jewels of Amazon warrior queens.

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