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Deluxe Jasper and Fossil relic pendant necklace

Deluxe Jasper and Fossil relic pendant necklace


Description and Details


  • One-of-a-kind
  •  Item: E 611
  • Tobacco Jade
  • Jasper Specimen
  • Fossil beads
  • Pendant: Sterling Silver Fossil and Fossilized relic
  • Clasp: Sterling Silver
  • Approx. 18"
  • Silk Hand-Knotted
  • more details

    Remembrance of Times Past-First Nation Artifacts is a collection of ancient artifacts from the First Nation people of St. Lawrence Island. The island is located in the Bering Sea, and it is believed that about 10,000 years ago, the indigenous Inuit-Yupik people crossed over on a land bridge from Siberia. Today, St. Lawrence Island is the private property of two corporations made up of approximately 1400 Yupik people who live in two permanent villages, Gambell and Savoonga.

    The relics left behind by these First Nation people offer a glimpse into their life and culture and make the island one of the world's richest sources for archaeological goods. The artifacts available in the Remembrance of Times Past collection include ice axes, spears, harpoon tips, fire starters, sled runners, needles, and bits and pieces left over from earlier carvings.

    Foraging for artifacts on the island is only legal for members of the tribe who use it as a way of gaining income. During late summer, whole families spend countless hours digging for what they describe as “old things” as soon as the permafrost starts to recede.

    Elaine Silverstein, the designer for A Jeschel, has re-purposed these precious “old things” dating back centuries into treasured reminders of the remarkable journey of mankind.

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