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Carnelian Turkmen Tribal Pendant Necklace

Carnelian Turkmen Tribal Pendant Necklace


Description and Details


  • One-of-a-kind
  • Item: E 606
  • Carnelian (India)
  • Sterling Silver
  • Pendant: Sterling Silver, Vermeil Gilt. Carnelian (Turkmen)
  • Approx. 18" inches
  • Silk Hand-Knotted
  • Brief Information:

    Introducing our new arrival, the Turkmen Tribal Silver Gilt Pendant Necklace!

    This stunning piece is inspired by the ancient Turkmen tribes of Central Asia, known for their vibrant culture and exquisite craftsmanship.

    The pendant features a rare and vibrant Carnelian stone, sourced from the ancient mines of India, where it was prized by royalty for its deep, fiery spirit.

    Crafted with intricate Turkmen tribal patterns in silver gilt, this pendant necklace connects you to the rich cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, who were renowned for their skilled jewelry-making and passionate love of beauty.

    Carnelian, the 'Stone of Courage', has been worn by warriors and queens throughout history, symbolizing strength, resilience, and fearlessness.

    Wear it and embody the fierce beauty and untamed spirit of the Turkmen tribal goddesses who inspired it!

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