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Azurite plates Spectacular Necklace

Azurite plates Spectacular Necklace


Description and Details


  • One-of-a-Kind
  • Item: E 235
  • Azurite Plates
  • Lapis Azurite
  • Malachite beads
  • Clasp: Azurite+ Vermeil
  • Approx: 18 inches
  • Silk hand-knotted
  • Description

    Thirteen specimen stones

     What a gift from the natural world is this matte-finished Azurite Collar. Each stone is a rich combination of royal blues, brilliant greens, creamy beiges, and flecks of rust, most interesting, like snowflakes. No stones are the same but each is beautiful and part of a whole. Perfectly complemented by the Lapis and Malachite beads that taper to the Azurite and vermeil clasp.

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