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Assorted Rose Quartz and Pink Opal Necklace

Assorted Rose Quartz and Pink Opal Necklace


Description and Details


Item: D 367

Assorted Rose Quartz (carved & rough plates)

Pink Opal


Clasp: Vermeil + Pink Opal

Approx. 17" inches

Silk hand-knotted

  • Brief Information:

    Rose Quartz, sourced from the lush landscapes of Brazil, is a stone of love and compassion, radiating calming energy. Its raw, natural plates lend a captivating allure to this unique piece.

    Pink Opal, straight from the mystical lands of Peru, showcases soft, delicate hues symbolizing hope, innocence, and purity.

    Introducing our latest creation—an exquisite Rose Quartz plates necklace adorned with Pink Opal and vermeil accents!

    Ancient civilizations revered Pink Opal for its believed power to attract love and good fortune. Today, it continues to embody hope and prosperity, carrying tales from ancient Rome to modern times.

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