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Amber Plates Necklace

Amber Plates Necklace


Description & Details


  • One-of-a-Kind
  • Item A 881
  • Amber Plates
  • Sterling Silver Beads
  • Clasp: Sterling Silver & Amber
  • Silk hand-knotted
  • Approx: 16 inches
  • Brief Information:

    Among the Vikings, amber was believed to be the tears of Freyja, their goddess of love and beauty. She wore a necklace called Brisingamen, made by four dwarven craftsmen of gold and amber. To the ancient Greeks, amber was the tears of the daughters of Apollo, the sun god.


    This gem is so popular and valued in northern countries that the Prussian King Frederick William I gave an entire room of it to the Russian Czar Peter the Great. Over the years the decor was expanded, eventually covering 590 square feet of space and using over 13,000 pounds of amber. This was the famous "Amber Room" which disappeared into Nazi hands during World War II and was never recovered. The room was recreated over two decades (1979 to 2003) when the final mosaics were installed in St. Petersburg.

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