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Discover the magic of May's Birthstone - Emeralds

Welcome to A. Jeschel One-of-a-Kind Where Jewelry Becomes Art.

Discover a Unique and Exclusive Collection of Handcrafted Pieces

Designed by Elaine Silverstein. 

Explore Now!

Signature Clasps

Our Clasps are not an afterthought but are carefully considered as part of the design. Most of our clasps are designed from the bits and pieces we collect. Venetian glass, buttons, repurposed antique cufflinks, heirloom-quality cameos, shards of pottery, perfect stone specimens.

"For me, clasps are not just a hook and eye." E.S.

Dramatic and Bold

There are times when one feels that it is important to be noticed.

These hummers are for those times. A careful mix of both stones and artifacts in graduated size, they are unbelievably face flattering and endlessly interesting.

“Sometimes a girl just has to make a statement." E.S.



Stone Pendants

An extraordinary collection of specimen stones. Most collected by dedicated rock-hounds who trek to out-of-the-way places looking for the next hidden marvel. Some are cut and polished stones an artfully set in the workshop of an exceedingly talented craftsman in the heart of Brooklyn.

All are one-of-a-kind treasures to wear with pride.

"What is astonishing about these is seeing the beauty just beneath the surface waiting to be buffed and burnished into a treasure". E.S.

Hand Painted  Miniatures

Painted in the workshops of Palekn, Kholuy, Fedoskino, long famous for the artistry achieved with a thin squirrel tail brush and a painterly eye.

Tempera on onyx, or black lacquered wood, still others of traditional Papier-Mache, these enchanting miniatures are instant heirlooms.

"If you have ever been enchanted by the Art Deco boxes, you are in for a treat". E.S.

Long Necklaces

Throw-over-a-tee shirt-and-you-are-good-to-go long necklaces,(36 to 60'), are as easy to wear as they are to look at. A combination of pearls and stones in a variety of fashionable color combinations. They give meaning to every everyday jewlery.

"As addictive as popcorn."E.S.



(Good thing in small packages)

These romantic necklaces prove the point. Elegantly designed, to fall gently at just the perfect spot on the neck. Many with precious stone and diamond pendants, some a combination of pearls and mixed stones.       


There are times when a whisper is louder than a roar."E.S.

Precious Stones 

Our  gemstones  come in every color in the rainbow. Some are cut, some are polished, some are left raw (their natural state).

Many of the necklaces are a combination of stones and cuts.

You will see our sapphires are not only blue but pink and yellow. Turquoise is the familiar blue/green as well as many shades of brown and green.

Opals in seven different colors In short, feast your eyes as you browse through a world of textures  and colors.

"Stones have been used and revered since the dawn of civilization and not to discount the loving energies they possess." E.S.

Pearl Necklace Collection

The history of pearls is long and unending.

They have been a staple in every queen’s jewel box. From Cleopatra, who swallowed one to Elizabeth I, who wore her beheaded cousin Mary Queen of Scots’ famous black pearls in a portrait, to Marie Antoinette, who's pearl pendant was sold in a Sotheby's auction for $32 million dollars, Today, pearls are just as coveted, but thankfully less expensive, and are a never ending joy. 


"The only bead that needs no cutting or polishing to discover its beauty. Even the most irregular shape is perfectly beautiful. Isn't  that remarkable." E.S.

Gender Neutral Collection

Dress codes are blurring together as fashion becomes more inclusive and gender-fluid ideas are flooding the runways. What man or woman wouldn’t look great in these made to be seen necklaces? Not for everyone a big and bold necklace, some prefer a matched set of pearls or a handsome fossil pendant. Here is an invitation to be yourself and strut your stuff. When the rules break down nothing is off limits.

"Designed to be inclusive to all who love to make a statement through their accessories." - E.S.

The Icons collection necklaces are not only beautiful but also versatile and easy to wear featuring high quality cross and scarab pendants. By wearing these stunning pieces of jewelry, you can embrace the symbolism. The crosses represent faith and spiritual growth. Scarabs symbolize resilience and transformation.

Overall, the new Icons collection is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection, adding meaningful symbolism.

"Whether it is to show your belief or a fashion statement, wearing an Icon necklace is a beautiful touch to any jewelry collection." - E.S.

Ghau Prayer


Meticulously crafted in the monasteries of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, these pendants have long been valued for their beauty, as well as their healing power.  Each opens to an inner space traditionally used for a personal message to ward off negative energy. 


”What can be better than wearing something beautiful and healing?"E.S.

Folk Jewelry

Folk jewelry reflects another aspect of Tibetan and other Non-European cultures.

Always silver.

Never gilted as the Ghau boxes usually are.

"These beautiful and ornate pendants were meant for wedding couples as well as personal adornment as proof of prosperity."E.S.


Our bracelets are designed with the same attention to detail and the same quality materials  

as our necklaces.

Many are meant to be worn with the clasp centered much like a watch-face.

"When you are talking with your hands, make an unforgettable statement" E.S.


Ours are meant to be a light touch complimenting your face.

Many of our necklaces look perfect with a simple silver or gold bob, perhaps even a hoop . 

When it comes to stones and pearls, we again opt for simple, not too matchy-matchy.

"To me, earrings are like perfume, necessary, but subtle, especially with my necklaces which are anything but." E.S.

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