A. Jeschel …an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry designed

by Elaine Silverstein.

Unique pieces that incorporate an almost endless assortment of interesting

gemstones and pearls. 

Precious Stones 



 Gemstones in every colour of the rainbow cut polished or left raw.

 Sapphires are not only blue but pink and yellow. Turquoise in the familiar blue/green and also in shades of brown and green. Bluestones running the gamut from rich dark Lapis to palest Aquamarine. Opals in seven different colours for those lucky enough to be born in October.

Pearl Necklace Collection

Marie Antoinette's Pearl pendant sold for 32 million dollars in a Sotheby's auction in 2018. Ours are much less expensive and quite as beautiful.


"And you get to keep your head." E.S.

Stone Pendants

An extraordinary collection of specimen stones. Most collected by dedicated rock-hounds who trek to out-of-the-way places looking for the next hidden marvel. Some are cut and polished stones an artfully set in the workshop of an exceedingly talented craftsman in the heart of Brooklyn.

All are one-of-a-kind treasures to wear with pride.

 "I am always blown away by God's handiwork, I think you will be too." E.S.

Hand Painted  Miniatures

Painted in the workshops of Palekn, Kholuy, Fedoskino, long famous for the artistry achieved with a thin squirrel tail brush and a painterly eye.

Tempera on onyx, or black lacquered wood, still others of traditional Papier-Mache, these enchanting miniatures are instant heirlooms.

"If you have ever been enchanted by the Art Deco boxes, you are in for a treat". E.S.

Ghau Prayer Boxes

Meticulously crafted in the monasteries of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, these pendants have long been valued for their beauty, as well as their healing power.  Each opens to an inner space traditionally used for a personal message to ward off negative energy. 


”What can be better than wearing something beautiful and healing?"E.S.

Folk Jewelry

Folk jewelry reflects another aspect of Tibetan culture.

Always silver. Never gilted as the Ghau boxes usually are.

"These beautiful and ornate pendants were meant for wedding couples as well as personal adornment as proof of prosperity."E.S.

Signature Clasps

Most of our clasps are designed from the bits and pieces we collect. Venetian glass, buttons, repurposed antique cufflinks, heirloom-quality cameos, shards of pottery, perfect stone specimens.

"For me, clasps are not just a hook and eye." E.S.

Dramatic and Bold

There are times when one feels that it is important to be noticed. These hummers are for those times. A careful mix of both stones and artifacts in graduated size, they are unbelievably face flattering and endlessly interesting.

“Sometimes a girl just has to make a statement." E.S.



Long Necklaces

Throw-over-a-tee shirt-and-you-are-good-to-go long necklaces,(36 to 60'), are as easy to wear as they are to look at. 

A combination of pearls and stones in a variety of fashionable color combinations. They give meaning to every everyday jewlery.

"As addictive as popcorn."E.S.



(Good thing in small packages)

These romantic necklaces prove the point. Elegantly designed, to fall gently at just the perfect spot on the neck. Many with precious stone and diamond pendants, some a combination of pearls and mixed stones.





There are times when a whisper is louder than a roar."E.S.


Our bracelets are designed with the same attention to detail and the same quality materials  

as our necklaces.

Many are meant to be worn with the clasp centered much like a watch-face.


"When you are talking with your hands, make an unforgettable statement" E.S.


Ours are meant to be a light touch complimenting your face.

Many of our necklaces look perfect with a simple silver or gold bob, perhaps even a hoop . 

When it comes to stones and pearls, we again opt for simple, not too matchy-matchy.

"To me, earrings are like perfume, necessary, but subtle, especially with my necklaces which are anything but." E.S.

Experience the A.Jeschel One-of-a-Kind Collection


Where we look

Stick a pin in the globe.

We've hunted in shouks and stalls, raked tabletops, and tracked down family workshops.

Sometimes in a dusty corner of an antique shop, we find a treasure where it has lain so long the proprietor has forgotten talented young artists. 

What we find

Inlaid silver and precious stone, amulets, silver icons, and coins.

Carvings of jade, carnelian, and labradorite.

Vintage brooch and cufflinks.

Miniaturized Art Deco paintings on onyx or traditional papier-mache.

Discover more

Whether you're looking for a way to show your faith or simply like the aesthetic they offer, cross necklaces are a beautiful and versatile piece of jewelry. Wear an understated style, or choose a large, artistic piece to make a statement on the finishing touches on any outfit.

Scarab Pendant Necklaces

The collection is  inspired by the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Scarab Beetle. Worn as a protective talisman by both the living and the deceased it was one of the most potent of all amulets, symbolizing the sun, protection, transformation and rebirth.


  Magic happens...

" I believe there is no one look for every woman.

Each must find her own happy place. Some women want large statement necklaces. Others prefer more subtle pieces.

Some women like simple one strand necklaces. While others prefer multiple strands.

There are those who like long sporty necklaces. While for some it's a choker that makes her heart beat faster.

And there are some, like me, who agree there is no one style for every occasion any more than one pair of shoes will do the job. These women wish to have many choices.  

Choose what speaks to your heart and wear it with great pleasure." E.S.

Looking Good

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